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The Glowing Skin Of Popular Actors

What are the qualities of the handsome man that this century wants?

There are many characteristics such as a high and sharp nose, dark eyebrows and strong chin. Recently, however, one factor that is admired and loved is flawless skin. It’s true, the condition to handsomeness is flawless skin.

You can notice it by looking at actors on television. Actors such as Lee Sang Yub, Kim Bum and Go Se Weon have finer skin than most females. It is hard to deny the fact that they are handsome.

The era of looking simply at facial dimensions and bodies have passed and our generation now pays more attention to the condition of the skin. It has also become a generation in which not only girls take care of themselves, but a period in which guys pay attention to themselves as well. Let’s find out the methods to achieving glowing skin like actors.

Shave With Minimal Irritation

Males have to shave every day. That is why their skin cannot avoid getting small cuts daily. Shaving consists of cutting hair that is growing closely attached to the skin, therefore it may easily cause irritation.

Especially during dry days like nowadays, it is easier to cut yourself while shaving. It is important to know how to cleanly shave with minimal irritation on your skin. Using shaving cream is a good recommendation.

Recently, shaving products are not only available in cream types but gel and foam types as well so it is easier to choose a product that fits you. If you have not purchased shaving cream, it is also good to use a rich foam cleanser.

If shaving is done on bare skin or skin with only a little bit of foam, many cuts will be left on the skin, even if they may not be visible. In addition, shaving willlead to dryness, causing it to be easier for skin troubles to occur.

Provide Moisture After Shaving

It is important to provide direct moisture to the skin right after shaving. This is because a lot of moisture is taken away when the face is shaved.

When our skin loses hydration, it becomes less firm. In addition, the moisture and oil balance becomes broken and skin troubles occur. Therefore, the face should always be moisturized.

After shaving, it is good to apply toner on to a cotton pad and wipe the face. Majority of men’s toners have alcohol in its composition but if your skin is sensitive, it is better to choose a product with no alcohol or ethanol.

In addition, you should always keep a moisturizing cream in the bathroom so that it can be applied on to the skin right after a shower. Men tend to forget to apply cream because they are not used to using this kind of products. To avoid this, it is recommended that men keep their moisturizing creams in the bathroom.

Use Sun-block Products Frequently

Most men do not apply sunscreen products. They dislike sun-block products primarily because it is a hassle to apply on to their faces but also because of the stuffy feeling and whitening effect they get after the product's application.

One other reason is that they do not realize the fact that ultraviolet rays also affect and tan the skin in other seasons than summer as well. Ultraviolet rays exist 365 days a year and play a big role in skin's aging process so it is important to recognize the importance of applying sunscreen products.

When doing a basic skin care routine, it is important to remember that sun-block products should end the it, after toners and creams. Males tend to have more developed pores and higher doses of sebum secretion so it is good to choose products such as no sebum sunscreen, sun balm or sun cream after carefully testing them out.

It is also important not to forget to cleanse thoroughly after coming home from work. Due to the fact that sunscreen products have been applied to your face, if cleansing is not done properly, the product will clog the pores. This may cause future skin irritations and troubles so it is crucial to cleanse thoroughly as soon as you get home.

If You Wish To Have Glowing Skin?

This product is a light textured sun-block product for men. The product is efficient in blocking out UVA and UVB with a fairly high SPF of 50, PA+++. The product is also composed of moisturizing ingredients allowing the skin to become hydrated and flexible. It is certified for its ability to block UV rays.

02 Kiehl's Men's Alcohol-Free Herbal Toner
This product is a men’s skin-calming toner. This product is recommended to calm the skin after shaving. The product contains herbal components along with Vitamin B5 panthenol and is appropriate for normal and complex skins. The product does not include alcohol.

★03 esthēpure total solution cream 还幼膏
This herbal essential cream is effective in providing moisture to dry skin as well as flexibility while also allowing the skin to become firm and healthy. The components in the product such as peptide, which is similar to snake venom, and filtrated snake mucus, allow the skin to become softer. This nourishing cream, created by the concentrates of various medicinal herbs, create a firm protective layer that locks in moisture for the skin. (photo by: esthēpure, Kiehl, BIOTHERM, bntNews DB)

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