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Stars’ SNS Are Full Of Love For Mask Packs

Stars are increasingly interacting with their fans in person through SNS including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Weibo.

They are getting closer to their fans this way. Their daily lives are published on SNS including photographs of their faces with mask packs on, which are very popular recently.

Now it is a fashion of celebrities to show themselves with a facial sheet on their faces as that is a way to appeal their unpretentious character. Then, let’s take a look at which ones have boasted their looks with a mask pack.

■ Stars With A Facial Sheet On Their Faces

Various entertainers are found to have posted their photographs with mask packs including model Esom, singers Ivy and Hyomin, MC Park Eun Ji, and actress Kim So-eun.

The mask pack they used is the basic type of a facial sheet to be worn on the face. It is loved by many for its low price and high efficiency in directly supplying nutrition to the skin with a facial sheet on the face.

Also, there are a variety of mask packs and thus you can pick any one of them that suits your skin type. Thanks to these merits, mask packs could succeed in the beauty market as an item holding the limelight.

■ Celebrities Use A Unique Mask Pack

Of course, there is more than one type of mask pack. Companies offer diverse types of mask packs such as those for eyes, nose, and sleeping and even those with pictures of characters.

Min from Miss A has been a topic with a photograph of herself wearing a facial sheet with a picture of a cute character. This sort of pack is small in size for you to focus on taking care of the desired part. The same goes for the eye pack used by Kang Ji-young. It can control the skin around your eyes, which is most sensitive on your face, to prevent wrinkles and dark circles.

Soo-young from Girls’ Generation and international model Miranda Kerr also used a unique type of pack to be spread on the face. Particularly, the moisture pack Soo-young applied to her face permeates into the skin immediately and you do not have to wash it off.

You can easily utilize a mask pack all through the year. Its popularity is steadily rising thanks to its effects ranging from moisturizing and nutrition to skin brightening.

In particular, you need to pay attention to the fact that new mask pack products are being developed constantly. Recently, the mask pack market saw a type with an ampoule and a facial sheet separated from each other, catching the eyes of cosmetics consumers.

Of those, the most outstanding item is Dermal Korea’s ‘2Step Bayliss Synergy Essence Mask.’ This is composed of an ampoule for step 1 and a facial sheet for step 2, boasting even greater effects than those of the existing products.

‘2Step Bayliss Synergy Essence Mask’ comes in a total of five types for different purposes: moisturization, skin lightening, relief of skin troubles, prevention of wrinkles, and cleansing. In particular, the one for moisturizing is best for the winter season as it gives abundant moisture to the skin. (photo by Dermal Korea, bntnews DB, Instagram of Esom, Park Eun Ji, Miranda Kerr, Min, and Soo-young, Twitter of Park Han-byul, Hyomin, Kim So-eun, and Kang Ji-young, blog of Ivy)

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