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Three Beauties Of ‘Get It Beauty’ Tell Their Secret: How To Captivate A Younger Man

Nowadays major media are making efforts to deliver wise and analytic information to those smart consumers who lead the trend. At the center stand female consumers, of course.

In particular, the general public is increasingly becoming sensitive to beauty care products thanks to the quite long-lasting megatrend of well-being. Therefore, ‘Get It Beauty 2014’ on OnStyle made public the greatest confidential information about dating a younger man.

What do you guess Yoo In Na, Jae Kyung from girl group Rainbow, and Kim Ji Min would have told the audience about how to have young and soft skin and even freshness in looks? Of the keys for attracting a younger man presented by ‘Get It Beauty’, we picked three items recommended by one of our beauty editors.

ROUND 1. Remove Your Wrinkles

Unfortunately, women’s skin is thinner than that of men by 24%, leading to easy development of wrinkles. Then, you may come to understand why women always want to apply their eye cream immediately after washing their faces.

As you may well know, wrinkles are considered a standard to determine one’s age. A so-called ‘patch for face for good fortune’ takes intensive care of the corner of your mouth as well as your eyes. It is an upgraded version of general mask pack, and its water-soluble gel naturally melts on your skin, cooling and giving nutrition and moisture to your skin.

ROUND 2. Hold His Hands

A rough, unsophisticated hand reduces the value of even a pretty face. You need to avoid reminding your boyfriend of his mother’s hands when you hold his for the first time.

Your hands need not only a hand cream but also ‘treatment’ for their weak, thin, and dry skin. As a smart consumer, take a look at products made from rare and precious materials with excellent effects.

The item presented is Bandi’s ‘Candle Massage.’ Do not think it would be like pouring candle drippings. This massage oil balm melts at an ideal temperature for your skin, giving vitality to it. It is absorbed well thanks to its use at a high temperature, even discharging wastes in your body.

Turn on the candle light, and keep it burning for 10 minutes. Then, when it turns into oil, turn off the light, take some balm onto your hand, and massage. This way, you can deliver young energy and elegant rose scent to your tired skin.

ROUND 3. Catch His Eyes

Another sad story on aging is that even your eyelashes, which used to infuse life into your face, come to fall down because of gravity.

If you have had difficulties in creating beautiful eyelashes despite numerous trials, change your mascara’s brush. Here comes a new product that enables you to hold and curl your eyelashes like chopsticks.

It is a must-have item as it even reduces the time for eye makeup by eliminating the necessity of an eyelash curler.


From left: SOMOON’s ‘Black Hydrogel Eye Patch,’ Bandi’s ‘Prestige Candle Massage,’ Sephora’s ‘Upside Down Mascara.’ (photo by Bandi, SOMOON, Sephora, screen capture of ‘Get It Beauty 2014’ on On Style, bntnews DB)

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