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Whiteheads, Could They Appear Due to Dry Skin?

As winter approaches and the weather gets dry, more and more people are getting stressed by whiteheads.  

It is safe to say that whiteheads signal the start of severe acne and therefore, if adequate care and treatment are not provided, your skin might get out of hand. If the number of whiteheads stays the same or increases, you should start a proper skin care right away.   

The reason that whiteheads appear more during winter is because as the weather gets colder, we tend to use heaters more often. The optimal indoor humidity during winter is 40-60%, but with heaters, the humidity decreases by 10%. Naturally, the air becomes drier and provides our skin with less moisture.

When our skin lacks moisture, it releases excess sebum, which leads to various kinds of skin trouble due to clogged pores. This is why whiteheads appear a lot more often during winter. In this article, we will introduce ways to protect our skin from dryness and whiteheads.

▶ Maintain Adequate Distance from Heaters

Ko Hyunjung, a Korean celebrity with honey-like skin, is well-known for never using heaters even during the coldest winters. To prevent excess sebum secretion, not using heaters at all or using them while keeping adequate distance from them is recommended.

Also, it is better to use air humidifiers along with heaters to maintain an indoor humidity of 40-60%. It is important to maintain the right temperature as well since being exposed to too high temperatures for too long can damage skin significantly. Lastly, ventilating from time to time is crucial.

If whiteheads are starting to appear, you need to find out the underlying cause before treating them. If not, they will increase in number and turn into red and inflamed acne.  

▶ Make Drinking Water a Habit

Other reasons for whiteheads include unhealthy diet, stress, genetics, and weakened immunity. But the one thing that people miss the most is the habit of drinking water. Everyone knows that drinking water often and providing hydration to skin are important, but it is difficult to practice it.

But if we neglect the importance of drinking water, skin becomes dry from within and even premium moisture cream and nourishing cream become useless. Plus, adequate hydration is also helpful for removing dark circles under eyes.

Therefore, we recommend drinking a lot of water and including fruits and vegetables in your diet to replenish your body with water during dry weather. Although the effect might not be immediate, if you are consistent with this healthy habit, you will realize that your dry and pimple-prone skin is changing.

▶ Perfect Hydration Starts From Home Care

If you have solved the underlying problem and improved your daily habit, you should then look into aftercare. When outside, spray mist often so that skin does not lose moisture. However, the most important aftercare of all is home care. After washing your face, you should use a hydrating cream or nourishing cream as the last step of your basic care to prevent the skin from becoming dry.

One excellent tip for maintaining moisture in your skin is ‘oil mixing,’ where you mix cream and facial oil together. If you apply the cream and oil mixture to your face, it hydrates skin from deep within and the epidermis is replenished with moisture.

If your oil comes from herbs with various helpful functions, you can make D.I.Y. hydration cream just for your specific skin type. Be careful not to use too much oil since it can cause facial oiliness and skin trouble.

▶ Recommended Hydration Products for Moist Skin

1. Chanel ‘Hydra Beauty Essence mist’

Unlike most hydration mists that make skin drier as more is sprayed, Chanel’s mist is made with ingredients from essence, providing remarkable hydration and energy. Fine particles of this essence permeate into skin and offer skin illumination and comfort. This product should be sprayed as often as the skin becomes dry.  

2. Dr. Jart+ ‘Ceramidin Light Cream’
This cream protects moisture from leaving skin by filling the skin layer with ceramidin, which is the main component of skin itself. This cream does not feel sticky or heavy and provides hydration for as long as 26 hours.

3. Esthēpure ‘total solution cream,’
This product is an essential cream that provides dry skin with moisture and elasticity. The peptide ingredient similar to snake venom and the snail slime filtrate will make your skin soft and smooth.

4. SK-II ‘Stem Power Cream’
The ‘Stem Power Cream,’ also known as ‘Kim Hee Ae Cream,’ provides skin elasticity and moisture as well as pore care and is therefore loved by many female consumers. Consumer satisfaction is high for this product because it rapidly permeates into the skin deep and makes a remarkable difference.
(Photo by Esthēpure, Chanel, Dr.Jart+, SK-II, and bnt news DB)

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