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Catalina Geo-Chanel-Georgio Armani, Becoming a Trendy Woman

Women are bound to constantly worry about their daily fashion and makeup. They often get bored repeating the same style every day.

Many women want to change their styling and become trendy but they often lack the courage to try something new or just don’t know how to initiate a change. But trying something a little different in your makeup can upgrade your appearance.

This article will introduce trendy makeup tips for women who are tired of their every-day same styling.

The Key to Trendy Women’s Makeup

Natural makeup is still hot. A makeup that emphasizes clear skin and red lips is especially popular among many celebrities. Sunmi of Wonder Girls, who came back with a new album recently, also wore a makeup that highlighted her bright skin and red lips.

As you can see, the trendy makeup now features a clear and bright skin makeup, natural eye makeup, and a vivid lip makeup. Emphasizing the lips can bring out the sophisticated look that can otherwise be dull.

TIP 01 Bright Skin Tone-up


The most important part in makeup is base makeup. Even if your eye and lip makeup are beautifully done, you won’t look perfect if your skin looks dull. These days, a color-correcting makeup that covers skin blemishes is becoming popular. You can use a makeup base to brighten and correct your skin tone.

If you are concerned about rosacea, use a green makeup base to cover the redness. If you have a dark skin tone, use a blue makeup base to brighten your skin tone. If you have a yellow skin tone, use a purple makeup base for a bright and lively look.

Recommended Item CATALINA GEO Color Capsule Make Up Base Catalina Geo’s Color Capsule Makeup Base has five colors that cater to every skin tone and provide natural tone correction. As you pump the product, the capsules will mix with the essence and enable a light, fresh and moist makeup that is long-lasting as well.

TIP 02 Flawless and Smooth Skin

If you’ve brightened your skin tone with a makeup base, now it’s time for a foundation. Use a light foundation on top of your makeup base to cover your flaws and create a smooth skin.
If you use a thick foundation, your skin may look too cakey. Therefore, use a light foundation with a foundation brush to create a thin layer that naturally glows. Then, use a bit of a concealer to cover noticeable blemishes.

Recommended Item CHANEL Le Blanc Revealing Whitening Fluid Foundation This product was inspired by pearls, which glow flawlessly. The light texture provides moisture all day long and creates a clear and glowing skin.

TIP 03 Charming Red Lips

Trendy women these days emphasize clear skin and red lips rather than wearing a heavy eye makeup. Red lips on a bright skin look like a beautiful rose, enhancing the wearer’s beauty.

You need to take care of dead skin cells on your lips when you are applying a lipstick since they tend to stand out if not properly removed. When you are applying vivid colors like red, your lips need to be smooth in order to look more beautiful. Therefore, we recommend putting on a lip balm before a lipstick to make sure your lips are smooth and charming.

Recommended Item GIORGIO ARMANI Lip Maestro This lip lacquer product has a vivid matte finish. It provides moisture without being sticky, as if there is a glow on your lips. (photo by Catalina Geo, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, bntnews DB)

Write: 2016-08-25 07:35:16 / Update: 2016-08-25 17:02:47

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